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About Lawn Bowls

Advice, news and general tips for making the most of Lawn Bowls and Indoor Bowls from Worthing Bowls Centre

Regular stories and features from the bowls world.

Review of the Laws of Lawn Bowls 2013

A consultation process is now underway to give each country the opportunity to make proposals about changes to the laws. Bowls England has invited...

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A Simple Explanation of the Game of Lawn Bowls

Tic Tac man? No, it’s just the Skip communicating with his team. He or she will use various signals to let the team know the situation at his end of...

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Recruitment Challenges for Bowls Clubs

A common concern expressed in conversation over a cup of tea, or something stronger, after a bowls match is the problem of declining membership and...

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Drakes Pride bowls bias videos

Drakes Pride - Professional
A hugely successful and popular model of bowl used by many top ranking players. The Drakes Pride Professional is a mid...

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Different Types of Practice to Improve your Game

'Off Centre Jack' : Practice by moving the jack to the left and right of the centre line and then adapting your green until you find the right one...

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